Friday, October 27, 2017

From the Archives [Mad at Miles: A Black Woman's Guide to Truth by Pearl Cleage]

It is still true that great things can come in small packages, and Mad At Miles: A Black Woman's Guide to Truth by Pearl Cleage is a 64 page package of powerful insight and grave reality that generations of women have not been able to escape. Although I have known about this book for decades, it has always been on my radar to read because I wanted to know why Ms. Cleage was "mad at Miles." I knew there could only be one Miles that could be mentioned by his first name and people would know who Ms. Cleage was talking about.

My heart immediately dropped in the introduction as the author described a horribly visual scene of a female friend being beaten and driven from her home by her husband. I knew then why the author was mad at Miles, and I was mad at him too,but only for 3 seconds. If you are familiar with my emotional release formula, you know that is all of my precious time that anger gets.

Ms. Cleage then brings the reality of domestic violence into clear view in each of the graphic and action packed examples of this torturous existence to too many women and girls. The vibration of these series of unfortunate events must be in the wind because I could not resist the draw of this book during my most recent visit to The Shrine of the Black Madonna Bookstore in Detroit, MI, and this month being the month I chose to read it which is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month. As I quite often say, all things in divine time.

Mad At Miles is also a workbook for empowerment for women, families and anyone who is concerned about helping stop this vicious cycle. Ms. Cleage starts the healing process with a "Basic Training" that teaches 10 key warning signals that could help women know they may be in danger of potential domestic violence. As a naturopath, I am 100% in support of prevention and these 10 signs are paramount for every woman to know. The author goes on to also talk about the 10 ways to protect yourself from rape by a stranger and 10 ways to protect yourself from rape by someone you know. All these tips are real ways to empowerment.

Fortunately, I have never experience domestic violence but I have been scarred by its very existence and my life force is affected by knowing that many women and families have to suffer through this unfortunate plague in every corner of this world.

Mad At Miles is a solution oriented book that I highly recommend. Dialog like this need to be continuous and wide spread. I would normally write all over books that I'm reading as personal notes to myself, but didn't make one mark this time, because I knew I would be sharing this 3 ankh book with someone who needs it. Thank you Pearl Cleage for having the courage to bring to light this valuable guide of awareness and action. Unfortunately, society stills need this reminder 27 years later.

K. Akua Gray
October 27, 2017
Houston, TX

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