Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Book Review [The Answers Are Within: Developing Awareness by Dorena Rode]

First I must say that I love the choice of quotes that opens each chapter. They are from some of the most profoundly spiritual minds of our time. Although The Answers Are Within: A Collection of Personal Stories Volume 1 - Developing Awareness by Dorena Rode is no Chicken Soup for the Soul, I am sure it will have its relevancy for some reader. The author labeled herself several times throughout her writings as being "melancholy" and this is precisely the way most of her stories come across. Nothing exciting, always a challenge, but the good part out of it all was the patterns of growth that she shares. I can't really say that the stories were inspiring, but I can say they were real, which might just be what someone needs whose looking to develop awareness.

The cover has a strange design that reminds me of an old lady learning to paint, so I can only imagine that book sales are going to be word of mouth and not because of an eye catching cover. I think that healers sharing their stories is very nice, but sometimes it can be a hard sale unless you already have an audience and this book being a memoir doesn't have enough substance to make me want to talk about it. The author comes across as a random thinker and writer, and I found it a little confusing tying ideas together in some of the more lengthy stories like, "On Believing", where she takes you on a plane ride with an imaginary story about San Francisco disappearing.

One of my favorite saying is, meet people where they are, which is also the title of one of the chapters. This chapter held my attention most because Ms. Rode gave some good suggestions related to the Law of Allowing, but I experienced confusion once again on the really good information about calcium. It's like a scientist popped up out of nowhere with a lecture on how calcium works in the body.

The "Fostering Peace Within" story is the best in the book because it is a good personal example of the courage it takes to find peace. In fact the one quote that I can give you that made the book worth my time comes from this chapter. "It is almost natural for me to choose thoughts and attitudes that bring me peace." Also, in the "How My Money Reality Changed" story, she brings forth a thought provoking question that will make you say, hmmm. "What do I love about not having money?" Cute.

The Answers Are Within: A Collection of Personal Stories Volume 1 - Developing Awareness is not a bad book, however, its presentation and writing could stand some improvement. With that, my rating for this copy that received in the mail for an honest review is 3 ankhs. I hope this helps Ms. Rode with the writing of Volume 2. 

K. Akua Gray
September 20, 2017
Houston, TX

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