Thursday, March 24, 2016

Dr. Akua's Book Review Policy

I love to read and review books on wellness and spiritual health. I have found that as a naturopath, teacher, spiritual adviser and writer that there are not very many book review avenues available for this genre. I have a great interest in the next generation of wellness writers. I love to encourage new writers to bring forth their skills as a continuing platform of research, experience and innovative ideas about health and wellness.

My policy for book reviews is to give a critically honest review based solely on my personal opinion. I do not take compensation for my book reviews. I specialize in self-help books including books on alternative health, alternative medicine, food and nutrition, men’s and women’s health, therapy manuals, herbology, meditation,  mind-body-spirit, new thought, spirituality, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual psychology, psychic abilities, psychic development, intuition, past life recollections, spiritual journey testimonies, spiritual encounters, reincarnation, energy work, Reiki, yoga, fitness, chakras, sacred sexuality, spirit guides, Shamanism, Kemetic Spiritual Science, African Spiritual Science, astrology, nature, the environment, and African History.

 I do not read: fiction novels, adult romance, horror, westerns, situation comedies, or mysteries. I also reserve the right not to reply to any book review request if I am not interested.

Review Scale:
I use the following scale for reviews, I use ankhs, the symbol of life.

5 ankhs - Excellent. Well researched, well written, professional presentation, innovative ideas, highly recommended for the subject matter.
4 ankhs - Very good. Knowledgeable of subject, good info for advance thinkers on the subject.
3 ankhs - Good. Basic information for beginners, Would recommend it to those just starting out on the subject.
2 ankhs - Acceptable. This book is common knowledge on the subject. Nothing new but still good info.
1 ankh Uh?. To stay on the positive side, I'm going to find at least one good thing to say about this book.

I review finished books from publishers, self-published and indies in hard copy only. It can be a trade paperback or hard cover. I do not accept ebooks or manuscripts.

Review Time:
At my own time. NO GUARANTEES

FTC Disclosure:
I state where I obtain all my books at the end of each requested review. I sometimes receive books from authors and publishers for an honest opinion. I never receive compensation for these reviews.

To request a book review send a review copy to:
Akua Gray Book Review
P O Box 921
Missouri City, TX 77459

K. Akua Gray
March 24, 2016
Houston, TX


  1. Hi Akua,
    I would love to send you a book for review. My only request is that when you are finished with it that you pass it onto someone else who will read it, review it and pass it one to someone else. It is a Pay-It-Forward book. It is my hope that it reach as many people as possible and do as much good as possible. Please let me know how that idea feels to you?

    1. Hi Richard, You are welcome to send the review copy to the address above and I certainly will pass it along.

  2. Dear Akua,

    I am an author and I am launching my book on Amazon These Days.

    The book is about Specifically "Essential Oils & Aromatherapy" and contains methods to Improve Health, Reduce Pain and Lose Weight

    By the way, It costs $ 0.99 at this moment, but I'm willing to offer for free to you in exchange for a honest review on Amazon

    Please if you are interested tell me and I will send you the book

    I leave here the link below for you to check

  3. Greetings Daniel,
    I do would be happy to do a review for an Essential Oils book. I will accept a pdf version or a hard copy to the address above. Let me know which way you're going to send it.

  4. Hello Akua,
    I pray you are doing well this evening. I am a new author and have just released my book One Minute to Ama-zen! A Christian Guide to Yoga. I was wondering if you would be willing to read and review my book. I am including a link as it is available on Amazon. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  5. Greeting Kimberly,
    I would be happy to read and review One Minute to Ama-zen! A Christian Guide to Yoga. Please send my hard copy to the address above, a pdf copy to, or a link to a free Kindle version, not "Kindle Unlimited". I look forward to receiving your review copy book.
    Light and love,

    1. Thank you again for agreeing to read and review my book.
      Be blessed.

  6. Hi Akua! We love your reviews. Did you get the copy of Szen Zone that we mailed to you? Let me know.

    Thanks so much,

    1. Greetings Kelsey,
      I'm glad you are enjoying the reviews. More to come.
      Yes, in fact I have the Szen book in my briefcase now, coming soon. hanks for checking in.

    2. yayy cant wait to hear what you think of it! Thank you!!

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  8. Dear Akua,
    I've just published a book about self-development on Amazon that you can see here.
    You can explore the book on
    Would you accept to review this book and could I send you a PDF version by email?
    kind regards

    1. Hi Anna,
      You are welcome to send the review copy to the address above.
      Be well.

  9. Hi, I have a book I would like for you to review if you don't mind. When you say "review copy" do I just send the physical copy to the address above?

    1. Yes, please send the physical copy to the address above.

  10. Dear Akua,
    I am a naturopathic doctor and gestalt psychotherapist in Kenya. I have written a book on emotional wellbeing, using naturopathic medicine and energy psychology. The book covers a lot of physical wellbeing as well, including healing leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, liver toxicity and neurotransmitter imbalance. It also includes releasing trauma using energy psychology techniques I describe.

    My intro video for the book is on Do you only take physical copies of the book? I was hoping to send you an electronic version since it would be easier from Kenya, or I can ask my sister to order it from Amazon and have it sent to you. Do let me know what you prefer.

    Thank you so much,
    with warmth and blessings,

  11. Title: V.Q.E: The Tale of an Indian Physician in the United Kingdom of the 1980’s
    Paperback: 224 pages
    Printed: IngramSpark (USA)
    ISBN: 978-1-64467-978-4 (sc)
    ASIN: B07J3NSQ38 (Kindle-ebook)
    Price: $7.99 (pb) $2.99 (kindle)
    Author: Vivek Gumaste
    In 1980, after completing medical school in India, I landed in Britain in pursuit of his dream to get to the United States. I was young, a full 26-year-old, ambitious and opinionated. The two and half years that I spent in Britain prior to coming to the United States were eventful years and I have written a book captures that period
    It is set in Great Britain of the early 1980's and comprises a medley of experiences: of a young, nationalist Indian coming to the land of his colonial masters, a new medical graduate negotiating the travails of an international medical career and of an objective spectator looking down upon this once great power. Thrown into this unlikely cocktail is the political backdrop of Britain in the 80, s- the rise of Margaret Thatcher, the Royal Wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, the Falkland War and racism.

    Please consider the book for review.

    Vivek Gumaste

  12. Hi Akua,

    Wonder if you can help, I live in New Zealand so sending a hard copy is bit tricky and expensive for an indie writer. My book is: Voyage to the Heart which shows the nature of love and describes the twists and turns of all the relationships we are likely to encounter throughout our lives with films and songs as examples to help along the way.

    With this essential knowledge, we gain the confidence to take control of our lives and all our loving relationships to achieve the good life we seek.

    Is this something you could see your way to reviewing and if so would you accept a PDF? My email is cameron (@) VoyageToTheHeart (dot) com

    Kind regards,


  13. Dr. Gray...It is very tough to find quality and serious self-help reviewers. Really look forward to your insight. As you will see below...I currently do not have print books to send out. I want to send an ebook but I need an email address to do so. I think you will REALLY find value in the content!!

    Author: Harry Petsanis
    This author is unique, fresh, direct and incredibly engaging.
    Harry has built an organic and highly engaged Twitter following and fanbase.
    He has released 2 new Books:

    The Truth is a Lie
    The Logical Path to Life

    He has sold over 250 ebooks, marketing only on his own website, in the last 5 weeks. His followers are also paying top dollar.

    Just some of the rave reviews from Harry's Readers:

    "Harry your book is inspiring and such a great read. It makes you really think and question things about life that we just seem to accept as the way they should be. Congratulations harry brilliant, just brilliant" 💕💕💕

    @rockybalboahp: I'm reading The Logical Path to Life. The book has a bounty of life changing wisdom that loosens the chains that binds us.

    "I started reading and couldn't stop until I finished it. Things I've taken for granted became questions that were logically explained with personal experiences and insight. I'm reading it again".

    "Reading completed ❤️to all my followers please head to my dear friend Harry’s website @rockybalboahp grab yourself the books sensational reading 💕💕💕 * the truth is a lie *. Looking forward to the next book harry ❤️"

    Harry is preparing for the launch of his books on Amazon.

    He is now seeking reviews from the professional arena.

    It is Harry's pleasure to attach a copy of "The Truth is a Lie" for your review.

    Harry is also available for:

    Live Shows



    Harry is an extremely engaging and thought provoking guest would add value and captivating content to any interactive platform.

    Please check out Harry's content and Twitter engagement and most of all enjoy the books.

    Contact Harry directly with any additional requests or to discuss the process:

    Harry Petsanis


    (330) 472-6312

    Thank you for your attention Dr. Gray

  14. Hi Dr. Akua, I sent you my book many months ago for a review and you mentioned you had just received it a while ago. After that I didn’t hear back from you about a review and I’d love your thoughts on my book please. I sent you an email last week but there’s been no reply. My book is on natural remedies for mental health and physical health (leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, liver toxicity) and trauma. It’s on Would love to hear back from you. Thanks a lot, warmest regards, Ameet


  15. Hi Dr. Akua, I sent you my book many months ago for a review and you mentioned you had just received it a while ago. After that I didn’t hear back from you about a review and I’d love your thoughts on my book please. I sent you an email last week but there’s been no reply. My book is on natural remedies for mental health and physical health (leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, liver toxicity) and trauma. It’s on Would love to hear back from you. Thanks a lot, warmest regards, Ameet

  16. Hi Dr. Akua

    I’d like to know if you would be interested in reviewing a travelogue. This would be a pre-publication review of a manuscript before final editing so I'm unable to send you a hard copy. However I feel it would fit your spiritual remit.

    I want to be direct with you to say that the book is due to be published by Unbound are one of the world’s first crowdfunding publishers but they are a publisher rather than a crowdfunding site. Some people mistakenly think they are some sort of publishing support service or even a vanity publisher but those people are mistaken. They have published authors with a very high profile and even include Paul Kingsnorth’s novel The Wake longlisted for the Man Booker prize.

    If you want to know what the publishing industry think of Unbound there is an article here:

    In SatNav We Trust – A search for meaning through the historic counties of England has been described by my commissioning editor as:

    A philosophical travelogue through the historic counties of England exploring belief, rationalism, science and religion. A personal journey, autobiographical account, philosophical musings and characters along the way – a unique interpretation of life’s big questions using historic architecture, heritage, history and engineering, to explore and reflect on concepts of science and belief.

    My description is rather shorter:

    In SatNav We Trust is a journey through England’s historic counties, through ideas or science and belief, all the while searching for meaning and a bed for the night. Or was that the other way around?

    This is a serious book that is intended to be enjoyable while exploring the sort of ideas of science, philosophy, belief and observation that have always interested me. The book also includes stories and adventures along the six week, 3000 mile trip that should entertain and amuse the reader rather than just concentrate on the big ideas.

    The book is currently in manuscript form, at about 115,000 words. It has undergone a structural edit but is not in its final form. Final copy editing will not happen until after the funding has been raised. I can supply the manuscript in PDF format. If you prefer other formats I will do my best to supply whatever suits your need.

    I realise it may be unusual to request reviews this early but the crowdfunding model creates some unique issues when readers have to imagine the book and then bring it into existence by pledging. However, reviews can give supporters faith in the project. My intention is that I would supply links to any reviews to all my existing and future supporters to circulate on social media and my own web site.

    YouTube trailer

  17. hello, dr. akua. i have two books, one published in 2016 and one to be published this year, i hope by may. i'm wondering if you would be interested in reviewing both. they are both non-fiction, self-help (even though i hate that term). here is the link to the first one on amazon: the second is titled 'from awful to awe-full: what happens when IT happens to you'. it's not necessarily a sequel, but will make a nice companion for the first one. it's essentially about what happens and what to do when one of those gosh-awful life tragedies, the kind you think will always happen to someone else, happens to you. it's based on my own experiences of the last 18 months or so dealing with 2 retinal detachments and the resulting 5 surgeries.

    i'm happy to share more about either of them if you need more information. obviously i am hoping that you would do a pre-pub. review for the second one.

    i look forward to hearing from you.

    mark smith

  18. Dr Akua
    I want to see if you would review my upcoming book titled "Totally Within" that I am publishing on KDP. I have proof copy or pdf available. here is the book description in KDP

    "Totally Within" is different type of daily meditation book. It’s based on Spiritual Engineering concepts of down-to-earth spirituality that offer practical solutions to find some daily peace in this hectic world.
    Most of us will remember a sentence that makes an important point much better than paragraphs or pages. “Totally Within” highlights deep insights into everyday living problems with easy-to-remember thoughts like “Life gives us pain but misery is optional—and self-inflicted” and then provides practical exercises to implement these life-changing principles and solve the challenge.
    We stand at the beginning of an age heralding a new spiritual awakening. Many are discovering the powerful resonating truth that every person has an unsuspected reservoir of inner spiritual energy that can transform their life; this power lies dormant until we make the choice and take the action to unleash that energy and then, continue the decision/action sequence that keeps the conduit open. This is our birthright as a child of the divine; this is the unsuspected inner life-force that allows us to control our mind, elevates our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and outlook on everything, and facilitates living in the moment, in the NOW.
    "Totally Within" reflections offer an answer to this two-fold problem of first, connecting with this inner resource and then staying connected to let it work in our life throughout the day.
    You never have to worry or feel stress again—unless you choose to.

    Thank you for you time

    Have a great day unless you've made other plans

    Thomas Strawser