Monday, January 13, 2014

Dr. Akua's Must Read List - My Favourite Vegan Recipe Books

Veggie Delights: 
Holistic Health Recipes for Maximum Nutrition by K. Akua Gray
An all in one great high vibration nutrition live food  recipes with easy transition menu items. Includes liquid nutrition, breakfast, lunch, dinner entrées, and desserts!

Akwaaba!: Dr. Akua’s Ghanaian Vegan Cuisine by K. Akua Gray
Want to learn to prepare delicious vegan meals of Ghana's West African favorites? This is the book that makes it easy and simple. Enjoy my best recipes Ghana Style!

The Joy of Living Live by Zakkah Baht Isreal
These recipes are just good and fresh! Raw tofu and Sundried tomatoe pate are the best!

Raw: The Uncook Book by Juliano
 The highest vibration in live food recipes with a variety that your will never get tried of!

Rawsome by Bridgette Mars
Great nutrition info and a variety of recipes you will have fun adding your own flavor to!

The Joy of Not Cooking by Imar Hutchins
Fun and tasty! Flavors to smile about really.

City of Wellness: The Journey Through Nutrition Kitchen by Queen Afua

A good guide for the transitions from the lowest vibration standard American diet to the next level. Although as a true vegan you will eventually progress even further. This is truly a great starter book.

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