Saturday, August 11, 2018

BOOK REVIEW [A wise man taught me how to defy gravity and now I'll teach you. by Nathaniel Whitten]

If you are a good-humored person or just like to add some fun to your quest for enlightenment, this is a nice little book, quick to read, easy to follow and most of all useful. I received a complimentary copy of A wise man taught me how to defy gravity and now I’ll teach you. by Nathaniel Whitten in my P O Box a few months back and it kind of fell into the pile of review books in the box under my desk because I received an influx of review requests literally all at once. However, though situated among the many I did take notice that I would get to reading his book because for some unique reason, I received two copies of this book whose cover was off centered, and this caught my eye…I remember commenting wow this person really wants a review hey sent two copies. I knew then that I would come back around to reading the book, and I’m glad I did!

A wise man taught me how to defy gravity and now I’ll teach you. brought four days of smiles and light-hearted joy into my life and you never forget when someone makes you happy. I didn’t know what to expect from the title, and the author doesn’t keep you in suspense long. He dives, or should I say flies right into elevating your consciousness and helping you mold your inner essence with several easy to use techniques for making life a little more user friendly. Some of my favorite tips include: “…shifting to a more expansive view” of the world and releasing tunnel vision.  “…doing an about-face from your routine patterns of thought… and expanding your nothingness to open your mind to a greater version of yourself.

Nathaniel Whitten gives many enlightening thoughts throughout the book and although they may not be new to the well-read spiritual sojourner, they will surely act as a refreshing reminder of what it takes to really live by these divine principles.

For those who are just opening their eyes to the possibilities of less stress, more peace and how to obtain the power to live well, A wise man taught me how to defy gravity and now I’ll teach you. is a great starter kit. Enjoy flying high! I give this book 4 ankhs, it touched me and I’m grateful!

K. Akua Gray
August 10, 2018
Dallas, TX


  1. Request for Book Review: "World Economic Meltdown: Supernova of Debt, Credit and Extreme Wealth Inequality"

    Dear Dr. Akua,

    This is a special request for a book review on the recent release of my book in August 2018. The following are the details on this book:

    Title: "World Economic Meltdown: Supernova of Debt, Credit and Extreme Wealth Inequality."
    Author: Khafra K Om-Ra-Seti
    Length: 325 pages
    Genre: Non-Fiction: Business/Economics, Global Economics:
    Available Format for Review: Mobi/Kindle, PDF, and Paperback.
    Amazon Link:

    Book Blurb: If you feel intimidated and confused by recent economic data and literature but would sincerely like to understand the biggest economic and financial story of the past half-century, then this book is for you. With its blend of economics, finance, technology, history, and market analysis, it is a book that can serve as a primer for self-education and deeper awareness in the field of global economics. It encourages readers to think beyond the popular belief systems and mainstream standardized propaganda. In an easy to read format supported with sound reasoning and research, this book demystifies a host of arcane economic issues and provides a clear analysis of the difficult road ahead.

    Are we living in the “Outer Limits?” In some respects that seems like the case, given what has transpired since the Meltdown of 2008. Extraordinary money printing by the global central bankers (particularly the Fed) witnessed the transference of vast sums of wealth into the hands of the wealthy elites via the international banking cartel and select global corporations.

    The massive debt and credit bubbles that started to implode in 2008 are still with us in 2018. The global economy was temporarily rescued from the destructive forces of a great deflationary depression, but that was only the first phase of this extraordinary story.

    Thank you for your TIME and consideration for possibly reviewing my book.

    Khafra K Om-Ra-Seti
    KMT Publications
    Walnut Grove, CA 95690

    1. Please see Dr Akua's Book Review Policy
      Thank you,
      ALOP Admin Asst