Saturday, January 20, 2018

Book Review [Monk Who Drinks Coffee by Banu G. Khan]

I have said it before; there are some thoughts that don't always need to be shared in a book. Such is also the case with Monk Who Drinks Coffee by Banu G. Khan. The author starts her writing by saying this book is, "...a very basic guideline to another reality." She was not kidding.

If you are aware or learned in the popular concepts of self-help, you won't get much from this book that you haven't heard already. The first story that she shares is worth mentioning even though others have shared these exact same concepts on how to live in the moment. Nirvana One is a nice realization piece. Also, Souls Like Black Holes is a nice piece on encouraging a friend. The author goes on to talk about missing lottery number in her dreams, dealing with emotional dysfunction, and black magic. I don't agree with the term Black Magic because a true light worker would understand change and energy enough to know this type of thing is not a factor in living and one should not give anyone that much power over themselves to be influenced in such a negative way.

The author writes with a lot of unclear thoughts and it is evident in most of the stories that the author has been through some hard times. The book is a very short quick read. If the author really has the intention of helping others with this book, I would suggest giving this book away for free. I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review. It was also not clear who this book is intended for because the stories are so random and brief.
I give the book 2 ankhs. 

K. Akua Gray, Author and Self-Help Book Blogger
January 20, 2018
Takoradi, Ghana
West Africa

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