Saturday, December 30, 2017

BOOK REVIEW [Believe Achieve Soar! by Teresa Mills]

I get excited when I read wellness books that can benefit the youth of the world. I would love to see Believe Achieve Soar!: Your Step by Step Guide for Turning Your Dreams into a Reality By Teresa Mills in the hand of every teenager and young adult, in every social skills and character development program in every school.

Believe Achieve Soar, has the interior aesthetics with the potential to make the reading interesting to each learning style. Visual learners will find it stimulating to the eye with vibrant colors and large text. Sequential learners will find it thought provoking in internalizing the easy step by step instructions. Random learners will have the most fun of all with the variety of shapes, fonts and nontraditional layout. This is a very powerful 33 page book filled with great quotes from well known wellness and metaphysical thinkers from Buddha to James Redfield. The cover however, would certainly need to be redone in order to appeal to the audience that this book would benefit the most.

The section titles of the table of contents insight action and intensifies empowerment. Let your inner self absorb the following, What is Your Dream, The Courage to Change, Your Toolbox, Believing is Seeing and Take Action. Each of these steps to achieving your dreams are clear and attainable. I like Teresa's style in writing review sections that repeat the steps as the reader goes along. My favorite quote in the comes from the section, "While You're Waiting." It reads, "Only think about your dreams when you are in a positive and uplifted space - this positive energy will help propel you forward..."

I have only one disappointment with this book and I hope the author takes the steps to correct it with her well known publisher Balboa Press. The page numbering is very unprofessionally done with incorrect interior numbering. I am familiar with the publishing packages that are offered to independent writers of self-help books and I would imagine with the investment that writers make to have the name and promotions of a Hay House publishing division, that someone would have taken the time to ensure the correct numbering layout for a professional printing.

Ms. Mills has a simple, short and to the point book that could surely make a difference in the lives of many people. I received this book for free for an honest review and I've already given my copy away to a young single mother who wants to improve her life and make a better future for her children. I give Believe Achieve Soar! Your Step by Step Guide for Turning Your Dreams into a Reality
By Teresa Mills 3 Ankhs. It is great for beginners!

K. Akua Gray
December 30, 2017
Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana

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