Monday, August 7, 2017

Book Review [Holding Space by Amanda Dobra Hope]

Holding Space: A Guide to Supporting Others While Remembering to Take Care of Yourself First by Amanda Dobra Hope is an excellent book by all my review standards. This unique realm of existence is a part of the innate nature of every true healer and an awesome reminder to maintain balance for both the higher good and the highest good of everyone. If you are not familiar with the term 'holding space", Amanda Hope gives this wonderful definition:

     "A spaceholder is a person who holds an energetic container for themselves, others, or a situation, while allowing organically whatever needs to arise out of the situation for the highest good of the person or situation. It is a state of allowing."

The author also writes a lovely Preface that nurtures the understanding of how space holding is a feminine energy and how it must be present to create balance in all endeavors.

"The feminine art of spaceholding is entered before any masculine action is taken, projects, relationships, and situations can be entered into consciously and with presence, providing a space for the highest outcome." She also goes on later to include that, "Know that the world is trying to get back to homeostasis, to balance, and to a center-point. To go back to the indigenous ways of honoring the feminine and going to those energies first, before bringing in the masculine, is the only way to right how far we've gotten out of balance."

For any healer, this strategy of love and support would be very beneficial to internalize and perfect. The book has an easy to follow format and takes the reader through the journey of space holding in an order that is in alignment with the true way of any healing process. Being a guide for others always begins with self-healing.

The author offers unique concrete suggestions on how to achieve success in clearing yourself to become an effective space holder with excellent processes for change such as, "Fear Sitting and Get Some Energy or Body Work." She also makes a very good point that all healers, therapists and any one who must remember to maintain balance. She says:

"Those people and activities that you need to pull away from may not initially understand your reasons and could very well feel hurt, but for the sake of everyone's highest good, it is best to do what is highest and best for you and not recoil out of guilt or shame. When we are able to honor ourselves and our needs without shame or guilt, we are better able to hold space for others and provide the same to them."

The space holding journey to perfection then goes into your personal relationships and I must agree with the author once again in the step by step process. After you take care of your own mental, physical, emotional and spiritual self, the next best step is to learn to hold space for those closest to you. This is a true test of your skills because your folks know you and you know them, the good, the bad and the ugly. Can you make it through the letting go and allowing with your parents, children, spouse, siblings, close friends and lovers? If that's a tough one, Amanda shows you how.

Those who seek to become professional space holders will find great advice in these pages also. The author provides a tactical guide for individual clients, groups, and emergency space holding.

I did hit a snag in the Manifesting Your Destiny section where after all of the good advice and well laid out plans for holding space, there were a couple of self-defeating comments that let's you know there is always room for improvement even for the seasoned healer. However, the author gets back on track quickly with "The Wisdom Keepers" section that helps define what genuine space holders look like. 

I love it when an author finishes strong! Holding Space has by far one of the strongest endings I have read in a while. In the section, If You Become a Parent, the mother bear comes out to protect here cubs! This advice should be read by every parent, it's short, truthful, to the point and has a no nonsense approach in nurturing these beautiful souls that come through for life's journey. This is hands down the best section in the book for me. 

I highly recommend this book to all those who are interested in balancing personal health. I know I will be reading Holding Space again and again, as well as spreading the good news to other potential "space holders". Holding Space by Amanda Dobra Hope is a real 5 ankh book that is sure to become a timeless classic in health and wellness. I was giving a copy of this book for an honest review.

K. Akua Gray
August 7, 2017
Houston, TX

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