Friday, March 10, 2017

Book Review [Creating an Abundant Practice by Andrea Alder]

When I first started reading this book I had no intentions on writing a review. I heard the author on an internet radio show and I liked her style and original ideas and services she provided to wellness professionals and decided to get a used copy for my leisure reading. However, as I got into the book I realized that I needed to spread the news about Creating an Abundant Practice: A spiritual and Practical Guide for Holistic Practitioners and Healing Centers by Andrea Alder.

Being a wellness instructor  and naturopath teacher, I offer a business component in all of my classes that deals with the business of business however, what Andrea does is nurtures the soul of the business through providing the individual or the group with excellent strategies to make their business everything they want it to be by tapping into the metaphysics of business growth and progress. It was very exciting to read about the internal requirements of vision, repetition, clarity and self-healing first. I was particularly impressed with the Future Vision Exercise and even tried it myself!

After boosting the reader's confidence to excel beyond their own expectations, Andrea then encourages the reader to do the work. This is a resounding mantra when it comes to any change for the better, however, the layout of chapters 4-13 gives a step by step process that works lovely for building a powerful brand, producing professionalism, working the target market, building partnerships and alliances, expanding business, and getting the attention of the media.

As a holistic health professional for more than twenty-five years, I have seen many many businesses and well intended holistic health professionals come and go in the field of wellness. For many it is the business aspect of healing that becomes the turn off and makes it easy to give up. However, with a guide book such as Creating an Abundant Practice and consistency it can make the journey to success more organized and doable.

It is quite noticeable that this book is self published and possibly self-edited because there are quite a few typos, typesetting errors and unclear photography and illustrations, however it doesn't take away from the information. The cover also doesn't portray the richness of the content, but it's colorful.

Every new and old healer should take a stroll through these pages, do the activities and keep the book as a reference manual if you know health and wellness is a part of your life purpose. I recommend Creating an Abundant Practice: A spiritual and Practical Guide for Holistic Practitioners and Healing Centers by Andrea Alder and give it 4 ankhs.

K. Akua Gray
March 10, 2017
Houston, TX

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