Thursday, July 7, 2016

Book Review [Life is a Gift by Aliyah Kamala]

To receive kind words from anyone is a very important part of living securely and healthy. Being a writer of an affirmation book myself, I find delight in knowing that others share the need to provide positive encouragement to others in a time when so much negative and despairing events plague our countries around the world. Life is a Gift: How to Use Affirmations to Transform Your Life by Aliyah Kamala is a great addition to the positive words that we not only need to speak to ourselves for personal growth but also to those we love and to the energy of those whose lives and actions we do not understand.

This simple text is an ideal first book presentation to the world of the heart and love for humanity that Aliyah has so nicely shared as a dedication to her three children. From my first encounter with the book, I could see and feel that she chose the right colors for the cover, the right font to express loving words, the right size and the right length to make the book an inviting addition to your nightstand, coffee table or to carry along with you in your purse.   However the aesthetics of the book is only a small addition to the what you will find inside that warms the heart and nurtures the mind to change.

There is only one thing about the book that I think could have been given more consideration and that is the title. Often new authors don't take the time to research the uniqueness of their titles and it pools them into an unfavorable position of having quite a few titles with the same name which puts them at a disadvantage in the world of keywords and engine searches.

When you are a true seekers of spiritual enlightenment you never get tired of receiving encouragement, hope, words of wisdom and positive vibes. Life is a Gift provides these elements in abundance. Here are a few of my picks from the text that resonate with my essence and puts a smile on my heart.
"I easily release all resentment and hurt. My heart is filled with love."
"I am clear in asking for what I want. I deserve the best of all things."
"It feels amazing to exercise everyday. I am committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle."
"I fully and completely embrace tranquility as a way of life."

Aliyah also provides a place for the reader to express your inner light with instructions and lined pages for you to write your own affirmations. This book can easily become a classic as a small but powerful "gift" to grow with.

I give the book 4 and half ankhs.

Dr. Akua Gray
July 7, 2016
Houston, TX

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