Saturday, April 2, 2016

Book Review [Wild Stars Seeking Midnight Suns by J. California Cooper]

This book holds absolutely one of the best love stories you could ever read. It crosses all barriers of race, social class, and taboos of love. Lily Bea and Weldon are a couple to be remembered. Wild Stars Seeking Midnight Suns is a book of stories that invokes feelings. First it takes you to places in time among people who no longer exist in the world we live in today and offers a signifying monkey look into their lives and troubles.

J. California Cooper in her vivid matter of a fact language makes you glad you don't know these kinds of people and that you don't have their kinds of problems. The stories are an intensively brief look into the lives of the young and old, the rich and poor, different cultures and scopes of time. She enlightens the reader with little tips of wisdom and wit that keeps you smiling.

I enjoyed aspects of each story which kept me turning pages to the end. The one thing about this book that, let's say, made me shake my head in wonder, were the endings of every story! Ms. Cooper (now an esteemed ancestor) ends each story on a very bland note that leaves you wanting more of the excitement she created in the reading! I was like, "what in the world is up with these story endings!"
Anyway, I do recommend this book to readers who have never explored this great writer and who have an interest in the social history of mid-twentieth century west coast living.

Let's keep the new classic writer's alive. they paved the way.
K. Akua Gray
April 2, 2016
Houston, TX

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