Monday, April 23, 2018

Dr. Akua's Book Review on [TOKENS: Teaching Our Kids Each New Sunrise by Pamela Tomlin]

TOKENS: Teaching Our Kids Each New Sunrise by Pamela Tomlin is a nice little book that serves its purpose in a big way. In fact, it's so short, the author doesn't even use page numbers. Each of the ten "tokens" are so vital for effective parenting. I was surprised to see that most of the points the author mentioned are directly in alignment with strategies my husband and I used in raising our sons more than two decades ago as holistic parents. Now as a grandparent, I found myself smiling through a few of the sections because I'm using the same "tokens" with my grandchildren. So, I can tell you that although tokens are not new they are sound techniques to help parents ensure they nurture their little ones into stable, productive, and loving adults.

Some times small books are not well developed in delivery and flow, however, Pamela Tomlin nailed it and as a parent reading TOKENS, you will get quite a few warm and fuzzy feelings that open your heart and mind more about your little beautiful ones.

The cover doesn't do the content justice, as with most first time indies, they don't make the investment in a quality professional cover. In the book the author provides a brief visual of her actual tokens creations and that would look lovely on the cover with some happy children.  Also, because the book is so brief I would suggest a smaller size and make it convenient for parents to carry it in their pockets or purse. TOKENS is like a quick reference guide for when you are thinking about how much you love your children, you can just flip it open for a quick check on how you're doing and what you can do to make caring for your children better.

Some of the section titles that resonate with me completely were:
See Your Child, Rituals and Routines, Offer Choices and Take Care of Yourself.

I guess you can tell by the above that I do recommend TOKENS to parents, teachers and anyone who cares for children. 3 ankhs is a good self-help rating. I enjoyed it.

K. Akua Gray
 Author and Self-Help Book Blogger
April 23, 2018
Dallas, Texas

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