Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Book Review [Be Your Self and Be Well: Connecting with Your Soul’s Power to Heal, by Dr. Steven Hiebert]

In Be Your Self and Be Well: Connecting with Your Soul’s Power to Heal, by Dr. Steven Hiebert, the author describes himself like this, “I am simply today’s messenger for a timeless and universal truth.” Such an opening statement is a clear indication of a humble spirit that has learned the art of sharing gifts of light unconditionally. It is also rare, as the author reveals in the introduction to receive a word from the divine masculine who is directly aware of his family line of ancestral fathers who were also healers, and revealing this lets you know there will be some cellular memory at work.

“Spirituality is the best medicine there is.”

You all know I love quotable writings and I could go on and on quoting from Be Your Self and Be Well because the book is an endless affirmation that empowers, redirects, and satisfies the spirit. Each of the eighteen chapters is an open invitation to change, and the change not only happens in the reading, but each chapter also has a Healing Exercise that almost instantly mentally challenges you to be better. A very clever emphasis that I liked too was the ending words of every chapter is the provocative reminder to, “Be Your Self and Be Well.”

“Without the strength of your spirit, your body cannot be healthy.”

I can usually pick a favorite chapter, but there are so many good ones. How to choose? 😊 Be Your Self and Be Well are the highlights of the metaphysical world all wrapped up in one. There are some unique parts of the book that I’m sure will add to the metaphysical novice as well as the veteran when it comes to changing their thoughts about healing. The one that stands out in chapter 5 is getting over the physical and training the mind to understand that all, especially the human experience is spiritual. The author resounds the mantra, “you are spirit” throughout the book in an effort to help the reader internalize this if nothing else. Specifically, on the subject of healing Dr. Hiebert talks about healing in a tough love kind of way. He teaches that, “You can heal, be spiritually present, and not cure your pain and sickness. It’s best to pursue healing because it helps you feel alive and connected to the divine. If you pursue healing only because it might cure your disease, there’s a good chance you will end up disappointed.” Right. Be Your Self and Be Well is plain good holistic advise, even if you’ve heard it before it will rekindle your own cellular memory to active that which you already know but may have let fall by the wayside. He reminds us that pain is a messenger and to deal with it, one must relax, breathe into it and listen for the message. The body mind has power too. I also like the way he maneuvers healing into eliminating the fear of death. Clever, if you’re scared of dying, you have to read that part.

“When you try to force the world to change without changing your Self, it never works.”

Like most books, the end tapers off into a low hum of quick points of encouragement, but nothing profound in the last couple of chapters. I did find myself longing for more of the author’s personal stories because the ones that he did share enlivened the reading. Lastly, we need these kinds of books to touch every community in the world. I give Be Your Self and Be Well the first of its kind rating on my blog, 4.5 ankhs. It was excellent in encouraging me but didn’t wow me, I was most happy to see the compilation of information in one place which is the innovation that I’m sure anyone who picks up this book will benefit from. I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review and I liked the follow up to the initial send of the hard copy. 

K. Akua Gray
November 7, 2017
Central Region, Ghana

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