Thursday, June 8, 2017

Book Review [When Your Heart Belongs to an Addict by Cyndee Ray Lutz]

When Your Heart Belongs to an Addict: A Healing Perspective by Cyndee Rae Lutz is an excellent 'get yourself together book'! The author writes from a solutions oriented point of view that is definitive and inspiring. You will find some truth about yourself in the stories she tells of her tragedies, changes and triumphs. The experiences she shares is very real and very human for the lives of people. As I stated in previous reviews, I love quotable books and Cyndee has written many to paste on your mirrors, doors, vision boards and to impress upon your heart to help you get a real look at yourself and the areas in life that would be beneficial to change. The one that did it for me in reading this book is found in chapter 5 on rethinking religion. She says:

 "As you will find along the way, your divinity is the most amazing thing about you."

The cover is very clever once you study it, however at first glance it didn't grab my attention at all. The title is what drew my interest when I received a free copy of this book in my p o box for an honest review. The author poured so much of herself into the pages of the book that by the end of the reading you feel like you know her or want to get to know her.

When Your Heart Belongs to an Addict is not just a book that talks about dealing with situations surrounding substance abuse, it is also a resource manual of check lists, A to Z steps of working through healing processes and it's filled with vital questions that penetrate and challenge your thinking and justifications. One example of a very thought provoking question that made me laugh out loud was, "Did you know you can fire your current God?" and Cyndee bellowed the answer with such confidence, "Yes, you can." Be ready for some excellent self reflection work in the pages of this book.
"True spirituality creates personal freedom instead of confinement."

The best part of the book by far is one section in chapter 6 called "DISCONNECT THE DRAINERS", "Are you putting your energy to good use?" This section is about all of the distractions that you allow to control your thoughts and take time away from manifesting the divinity and awesomeness in you. 

Ok, I haven't said much about the addict part because although that is what the book is titled, the subject does get lost in the great teachings offered in the book. However, that's ok because if you are able to get yourself together the way Cyndee suggests, you will have learned how to live in the light of change that fortifies you with enough self love to find peace with all those you love. I recommend  When Your Heart Belongs to an Addict to anyone who can relate to the words in the title and those that need to get yourself together so that you can move forward from negative mental conditioning and relationships.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed the book, I have to give it 4 ankhs. Cyndee's story was inspirational but not unique, the inspirational advice that she gave was encouraging but goes along with the common knowledge of today's inspirational motivators, and the book was rather lengthy with very small print. 

K. Akua Gray
June 8, 2017
Atlanta, GA

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